Here’s A Pretty Strong Clue That The Rock Is Going To Be At The Royal Rumble

The Royal Rumble 2015


UPDATE — The Rock is in the building in Philly and even Vince McMahon can’t shut up about it. 

Should this photo from The Rock count as a spoiler for tonight’s Royal Rumble?

The Rock tweeted a photo yesterday that showed him hanging out on the streets of Philadelphia.


The Royal Rumble will take place tonight in Philadelphia. There’s really zero reason for him to be in Philly in the dead of winter BESIDES the Royal Rumble so let’s just go ahead and say he’ll at least be in attendance. There are plenty of spots still left in the Royal Rumble match and former WWE stars are always among the entrees into the event. Other rumored stars who could be one of the thirty names called include Diamond Dallas Page, Chris Jericho and Rob Van Dam.

The Rock has a history at the Royal Rumble which includes a win/loss in 2000 (he was declared the winner but video proved his feet touched the floor before the Big Show). The Rock’s last Royal Rumble appearance was also an unforgettable moment — unforgettable for CM Punk fans. The part-time wrestler took the world championship off Punk in the main event of the night.

Let’s consider this photo a spoiler but hope it doesn’t mean The Rock is coming back to be a part-time champion. One part-time champ is more than enough.

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