Russell Westbrook Wants Less Than Nothing To Do With This Random Dude Asking Him About Durant

My skin literally just crawled. Honestly, with all the coverage about KD, it’s very easy to forget that Russell Westbrook pretty much just got left out in the rain. I really thought that KD was sticking around OKC just so he wouldn’t fuck Westbrook over. Of course, I was wrong, and Westbrook is obviously not happy about it. I’d be pissed too. I’d be more pissed if random dudes were sticking cameras in my face and bringing it up while I was just trying to get some fast food. That laugh though. Jesus Christ. That’s one of those “I’m laughing and walking away because I don’t want to accidentally stick that phone up your fucking ass” laughs. I’m mostly curious to see how Westbrook’s season plays out. If I were him, every time I won, I’d send Durant’s girl a picture of my dick with the caption ‘show this to your man’. I’m not sure the legal fallout that, but I can’t imagine it’s much. It’s all politics at that point, really.

[h/t Busted Coverage]