Did Russell Wilson Steal Joseph Fauria’s Girlfriend? This Tweets Suggests He Did


Russell Wilson’s Twitter timeline is full of Bible verses and words of praise for the Big Man Upstairs. His squeaky clean image doesn’t suggest he’s the type of guy to steal someone’s girlfriend.

This tweet, sent out by Detroit Lions tight end Joseph Fauria before yesterday’s game, however, suggests he did just that.

The tweet, quickly deleted, alludes to the Brennan Clay-DeMarco Murray situation last week.

The woman in question is Erika Hammond, whose Instagram feed has been very Lions-centric in recent weeks. Her last posted photo is with Fauria, beaming. It will be interesting to see if he makes any more appearances on her page.

I guess it’s really no surprise an influx of HEY YOU STOLE MY GIRL tweets have hit the mainstream, but that doesn’t make it any less awkward. The social media callout of a wandering love is a new phenomenon. Considering the trouble many old-school NFL pundits have even understanding what Twitter is, it’s going to be hilarious to see how this story is covered.

[H/T: It’s Always Sunny in Detroit]