Russell Wilson Is Officially Washed After Another Dreadful Outing For The Denver Broncos

Russell Wilson looking depressed

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Russell Wilson was supposed to be the missing piece for the Denver Broncos. It was a roster that was strong pretty much everywhere but quarterback.

And, Denver sold the farm for him. They gave the Seattle Seahawks two first-round picks, two second-round picks, and promising tight end Noah Fant for Wilson. And, they signed him to a 5-year, $242 million contract to solidify the deal.

But, it’s been working out as well as an ice cream cone left out in the summer. The Broncos were 4-10 entering their Christmas Day game, the season long over. And, he had just 11 touchdowns to go against 6 interceptions through 14 weeks of the season, a putrid total.

But, in a nationally televised game, you always want to play for pride.

No one gave Russell Wilson the memo, though, as he and the Broncos were horrible.

Russell Wilson got off to a terrible start en route to a blowout loss on Christmas Day

Just minutes after Tua Tagovailoa melted down for the Dolphins in a fourth-quarter collapse, Russell Wilson picked up right where he left off with two interceptions on the first two drives.

To make matters worse, Patrick Star of SpongeBob SquarePants fame called one of the interceptions.

And, he capped his three-interception day off with another interception in the 2nd half.

Those were some of the lowlights in a truly dismal performance by the Broncos. They lost

Now, everyone is talking about how washed the Wisconsin product is.

Broncos Country is down bad. They are now 4-11 and mercifully only have two more games left.