Russell Wilson Gets Called Out HARD By Former NC State Teammate After Wisconsin Commencement Speech In Profanity-Laced Facebook Post That Haters Will Love

Russell Wilson threw a commencement speech to the graduating class of 2016 at the University of Wisconsin over the weekend, where he relayed the story about his former coach at North Carolina State, Tom O’Brien, telling Wilson he wouldn’t play quarterback the ensuing season and would never play in the NFL. While the Badgers lapped it up, the Wolfpack lashed back. Wilson got called out by a former North Carolina State teammate, offensive lineman Kalani Heppe.

Here’s the tweet from a user whose avatar is a screenshot of this article titled, “Russell Wilson’s Full of Crap“, that shows Kalani’s Facebook post bashing Wilson.

Keppe had a history of making memorable moments like when he tried to run out of the tunnel, tripped and fell, or the time he vomited all over himself and the field before a game. According to an interview with, Keppe also has a hidden talent: knitting. And this video shows that Keppe loves “giving people the business”.

Keppe even has a Facebook page dedicated to him giving the business.

Here’s Wilson’s full commencement speech for your records. His story about O’Brien starts around the 6-minute mark:

I mean, every good storyteller embellishes the truth a little bit. I’m not a huge Wilson fan, but I can’t hate on him for trying to inspire some hungover / still drunk grads. Maybe someone remembers that story and ends up curing cancer.

I will admit it is difficult listening to and watching Wilson most of the time. I feel like Rob Riggle at the Catalina Wine Mixer talking to Will Ferrell. I’m not sure what it is, but I feel like a lot of people just want to deliver a balled up fist into Wilson’s suckhole. I can totally see why people think he’s phony or fake. But, I dunno, turn the page? Why not take credit for turning him into a success story?

Via College Spun, Backing the Pack

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