Rutgers Is Installing A Pool Or Jacuzzi Atop Student Section And It Will Be A Disaster

On September 1st, Rutgers will attempt to take on No. 7 Washington at High Point Solutions Stadium. The Scarlet Knights will undoubtedly get trounced, the only question is will Rutgers get humiliated by 30 or 40 points (Last season Washington dismantled Rutgers to the tune of 48–13). But to ease the pain of an inevitable and embarrassing loss, Rutgers revealed that they will have a Jersey shore-themed promotion. On Thursday, Rutgers announced the “War Before the Shore” promotion, meaning “Come see the Rutgers’ football team get shellacked over Labor Day weekend before you head to the Jersey shore.” One of the brilliant ideas that the school is implementing is installing a pool or Jacuzzi in the student section. Because having liquored-up college students with a pool in a stadium totally won’t end in disaster.

“Inside the stadium, students will have the chance to view the game from the best seats in the house – a pool or Jacuzzi atop the student section,” Rutgers said in a statement regarding their special festivities. “There will be boats in the north end zone with all fans given the opportunity to win a seat and watch the game from field level.”

“We are excited to kick off the start of college football in a big way,” said Rick Thorpe, Senior Associate AD for External Affairs and Strategic Communications. “From hosting a showdown with a top-10, Pac-12 power in front of a nationally-televised audience, coupled with enjoying all of the shore-themed promotions that we have planned for the entire gameday, and you have a fantastic way to start off the long holiday weekend. Everyone from across the entire state is invited to come out to enjoy the action and cheer on your Scarlet Knights.”

Besides swimming in the stands, Rutgers will give away beach towels, tank tops, and sunglasses. This totally sounds like a distraction to take the focus away from Rutgers getting smashed by the Huskies. Maybe instead of towels, they should give away a hepatitis vaccine for those venturing into the treacherous waters of a pool.


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