ESPN’s Ryan Clark Compares Bill Belichick’s Greatness To God In The Bible And NFL Fans React With Shock

  • ESPN’s Ryan Clark was speaking with Scott Van Pelt and compared New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick to God
  • SVP went with that ‘oh, you’re serious??’ tone after Clark brought the bBible into the discussion and NFL fans reacted with shock on social media
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Bill Belichick is the greatest NFL coach of all time. He’s the GOAT. Any argument against Belichick as the GOAT could be put to rest years ago. The man has won 6 Super Bowls.

But there’s a big difference between calling Bill Belichick the Greatest of All-Time, the G.O.A.T., and actually comparing him to God’s work in the Bible. At least in the eyes of just about every person in America other than ESPN’s Ryan Clark.

Sure, you could get away with saying ‘Belichick, Gronk, and Tom Brady are like Gods in New England’ and nobody would think twice about it. That would imply these men are larger than life, which they are, but nobody would interpret that as Belichick is literally God’s equal.

On Monday night, ESPN’s Ryan Clark really dug in with this comparison of Belichick to God. Here’s what he had to say with reactions below:

This really is the Mother of all Takes from ESPN’s Ryan Clark while speaking with Scott Van Pelt (reactions down below):

“Bill Belichick is the greatest of all time. That he understands how to build football teams in his likeness and image. You know the only other person they talked about building things in his likeness and image? It was in the Bible. It was God.”

Ryan Clark is referring to God creating Adam and Eve in his likeness as the birth of humanity. That’s a SCORCHING hot take even on a night where Bill Belichick beat the Buffalo Bills when his QB Mac Jones only threw 3 passes throughout the entire game. Naturally, NFL fans were bewildered by this comment but everyone on Twitter seemed to unanimously agree that ‘most’ Patriots fans would agree with this take.

NFL Fans React To Ryan Clark Comparing Bill Belichick to God

It’s important to remember that all of these reactions on Twitter are jokes. They’re not intended to be serious, unlike Ryan Clark’s straight-faced comparison of Bill Belichick building the New England Patriots like God did in the Bible.

For his part, Ryan Clark followed up with this:


A lot of people online didn’t find anything entertaining bout what Ryan Clark had to say and thre’s a lot of vitriol being sent his way for bringing God’s name onto SportsCenter in a discussion about football. I didn’t include all of those reactions here because some of them are pretty nasty but you can easily find them on Twitter if you’re looking.