Ryan Clark May Have Taken A Shot At Skip Bayless Over New Version Of ‘Undisputed’

Ryan Clark and Skip Bayless

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On Monday’s episode of First Take, analyst Ryan Clark possibly called out Skip Bayless while the new version of Undisputed aired.

Now, Clark doesn’t specifically say Bayless’ name, however, many are convinced that he’s taking a shot at Bayless over Undisputed‘s new format.

There was a solid minute and a half where Stephen A. Smith and Ryan Clark were coming off a bit cryptic in what they were talking about. Eventually, Clark calls it how he sees it.

“This is what we do know. As Stephen A. is doing things, pulling from other shows, other shows are also taking pages out of Stephen A.’s book. But we’re not gonna talk about that today. Maybe that’s a topic for a podcast conversation.”

It is possible that Clark is talking about someone else. However, he said this on the day the new-look Undisputed aired. Listen to the full clip and decide for yourself.

During the first episode of Undisputed, it was very noticeable how little Bayless spoke. His co-hosts Richard Sherman, Keyshawn Johnson, and Michael Irvin kind of took over the show.

There was a full two minutes where Bayless didn’t say anything while the panel discussed the Dallas Cowboys trade for Trey Lance.

It was something sports fans aren’t used to, as Bayless is known for getting into yelling matches with anybody and everybody.

With that said Clark does hint that he could drop the name of whoever he’s talking about during a podcast. If that’s the case, maybe we’ll hear Ryan Clark call out Skip Bayless for real.