How Badly Did Colorado Get Screwed Last Night?

Colorado had a game-winning three-pointer by Sabatino Chen called off last night against Arizona and went on to lose in overtime. Replays sure seemed to show the ball had left his hand before the buzzer sounded.

The Buffaloes are rightly pissed.

It's fair to say Colorado coach Tad Boyle was frustrated by the officials' decision to use an inconclusive replay of a potential game-winning 3-pointer to reverse an on-court call at the end of Thursday's game against Arizona.

How frustrated?

Enough that he wants college basketball to take a dramatic step: Don't go to the monitor to decide a game on such a close call.

“Get rid of instant replay,” Boyle told by phone from Tucson. “In basketball, football, human error is part of our game. If human error is part of the game, let the officials call the game. Players, coaches and officials will make mistakes. It's part of the game.

“We spend all this money on replays and we still can't get it right. Get rid of it.”

Does anyone want to step in and defend the refs here or should they all be sent out on an ice float like the old guy in “North?”*

* Extremely underrated movie, by the way