Wild Stories About Saint Peter’s Basketball From Former Coach Makes March Madness Run Even Crazier

Wild Stories About Saint Peter's Basketball Go Viral During Cinderella Run

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  • For a 15-seed to beat a 2-seed in March Madness is impressive, period.
  • However, when you hear stories about Saint Peter’s program from a former coach, the Peacocks’ run is even more insane.
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Saint Peter’s University basketball is the best story of the NCAA Tournament this year. The 15-seeded Peacocks knocked off No. 2 seed Kentucky in the First Round and then advanced to the Sweet Sixteen with a win over No. 7 seed Murray State.

At the forefront of Saint Peter’s folklore is guard Doug Edert and his legendary mustache. It’s impossible to talk about the Peacocks without discussing the glorious mustache.

Beyond the viral March Madness legend, the Saint Peter’s run is truly remarkable. When you look at the numbers behind the Cinderella run, it really puts things in perspective.

As does this thread of insane stories from a former Peacocks basketball coach:

Ryan Patrick Woerner served as the Director of Men’s Basketball Operations and an assistant coach with Saint Peter’s from August of 2012 to August of 2014. His account of things that went on in and around the program is truly hard to believe, especially considering that the team is now in the Sweet Sixteen.

He said started with the fact that the athletic department’s weight room shared a wall with very important classrooms.

He also told an anecdote from when a very big, important game was cancelled because of a leak in the roof.

When the games were actually able to be finished, postgame press conferences were held in a random room in the rec center.

Woerner claims that the program had not paid its bill for basic needs in a full year.

He also shared photos from the basketball staff’s office, which flooded on a frequent basis.

When opposing teams came to play in Jersey City, they occasionally were unable to shower because there was no hot water.

One time, prior to Woerner’s first season with Saint Peter’s, the team had to practice at a local high school.

Another time, the locker rooms had flooded because of a burst pipe.

The facilities at Saint Peter’s were so inferior that once, during warmups, the rim of the basketball hoop just straight-up fell off.

Coaches literally had to sleep on the team’s locker room couches.

And random people would just wander into the facility as if it was an open gym. In reality, it was a Division-I basketball gym that would typically be completely closed off at other programs.

And this same Saint Peter’s basketball team beat Kentucky in the NCAA Tournament. March Madness never fails to provide the best underdog stories.