Sam Howell Simply Can Not Be Trusted Given His Extremely Weird Food Take

Sam Howell Has Apparently Never Eaten A Burger Or Steak

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  • Sam Howell is 21-years-old and has never eaten two of the most common foods on the planet.
  • Washington Commander fans have to be questioning his decision-making skills given this food take.
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Sam Howell, like every other player that’s ever been drafted into the NFL, defied tremendous odds to get to the professional level. Howell’s NFL journey could very well be one of the most impressive of all time, however, given his non-existent history with two foods.

According to NBC Washington’s Grant Paulsen, the new Washington Commander has never eaten steak or tried a burger.

Howell was born in Waynesville, North Carolina. I know nothing about Waynesville, North Carolina, but as someone from the South, I can confidently say Waynsevillians takedown steak and burgers every day that ends in the letter ‘y.’

I find it hard to believe – no, I find it impossible – that Howell has never eaten a steak or a burger.

No American that ever stepped foot in a school, whether we’re talking elementary school or a college dining hall, could avoid at least tasting a burger.

Howell showed up to cookouts and never once ate a steak or a burger, just stuck with chicken? And we’re finding this out now after Washington used a fifth-round draft pick on him?

Talk about a tough scene for the Commanders.

NFL Fans React To Sam Howell Never Eating A Steak Or Burger