No Good Cheating Spurs Put a Snake in the Trail Blazers’ Locker Room

Already up 1-0 in the Western Conference Semifinals, the San Antonio Spurs pulled the ol’ “snake in the locker room” gag on the visiting Portland Trail Blazers. Poor Thomas Robinson arrived at the AT&T Center to find a slithering guest in his personal space.

“I just put my shoes down and once I put my shoes down I double looked and I seen a snake sitting there,” said Robinson. “After that, I got away from it. I just seen something curled up and I looked again and it was a snake. No one believed me until they looked in there. It hissed, I backed up.”

Once Robinson was able to convince his teammates that there was in fact a venomous snake taking up space in his locker, arena security snapped into action, trapping the snake by the head and removing the uninvited serpent with the help of a trash can.

This makes Iowa’s pink football locker rooms seem like child’s play. Dirty scoundrels that they are, the Spurs have yet to take responsibility for the pre-game psyche out. They’d have you believe the snake just crawled into the Blazers’ room of its own accord.

But we know better. Danny Green is a noted snake lover. The whole thing is just too obvious.

Lo and behold, the home team cruised to an easy blowout win to take a 2-0 series advantage — probably because the Blazers players’ couldn’t wait to leave town.

[H/t: Portland Trail Blazers]