Scott Stallings Capped Golf’s Most Eventful Masters Trip By Getting A Speeding Ticket

Scott Stallings watches his shot at the Masters.

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Scott Stallings had to have the most interesting stories of anyone in the field following his trip to the Masters. While the golfer came nowhere close to winning the major, he certainly had the oddest experience.

His trip both began and ended with chaos, which he detailed in a recent interview on the Hot Mic podcast.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Things started ominously as Stallings’ Masters invite was lost in the mail. His tournament invitation was sent to another Scott Stallings, who happened to live in Georgia. Making things even odder, their wives share the same name, too.


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The invite would later get sent to the correct Scott Stallings, who would then play in the field at Augusta National. He wound up finishing a respectable 26th with a score of even par after four rounds of action.

And of course, it was a challenging tournament for everyone given the awful weather conditions and falling trees seen over the weekend.

Still, his finish was good enough to earn a $144K payout, though he’d have to dig into some of those winnings shortly after leaving the course.

While making an appearance on the Hot Mic podcast, he said he got pulled over by a cop after leaving the Masters on Sunday.

When asked if he stuck around to see the end of the tournament, Stallings responded, “No, I was already down the road getting a speeding ticket.”

“The Augusta National car did pretty good in Augusta, Georgia, but as soon as we got outside the state lines, they were waiting for us,” Stallings continued.

He’d already started his trip to Hilton Head, South Carolina, where the RBC Heritage will be played next weekend. Apparently, after crossing into the Palmetto State, he was met by the blue lights.

Making things more complicated, the car was a loaner meaning he didn’t have the registration. That opened up a whole new can of worms.

“I still had the decal on that lets you in and out from the course. I think they were trying to make sense of the fact that I didn’t steal the car. My wife and my kids were making fun of me.”

Hopefully, his upcoming tournament will go a bit smoother.