Scottie Pippen Surprised Michael Jordan At The Hornets Game And Their Embrace Is Nostalgia-Inducing

jordan pippen

Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen have achieved more on-court success than any other basketball duo in NBA history—amassing six NBA championships together in two unprecedented streaks in the 90s when they won three consecutive championships twice. Like back-to-back-to-back titles two times in a 10 years span.

But success doesn’t always translate to friendship (See: Shaq/Kobe, Mike Ditka/Buddy Ryan). Knowing the egos of professional athletes, Pippen could have easily held resentment toward MJ, as his legacy of being one of the best small forwards to ever play was largely overshadowed by Jordan’s excellence.

The two are twenty years removed from their playing days, and no trace of ill will is detectable in their relationship. This was evident when Scottie surprised Michael at halftime of the Heat/Hornets Game 7 matchup earlier today. Check out the two embrace like old college frat bros.

This makes my childhood feel real.

This story doesn’t have a happy ending for Michael, as the Heat walloped his Hornets 106-73, eliminating them from the playoffs. I will resist the urge to insert a Jordan crying meme, and instead leave you with this mind-bending highlight reel of Jordan and Pippen’s ’95-’96 72-10 Bulls team.