‘Scrubs With Rings’ Is An Amazing Homage To The Most Forgettable Athletes To Ever Win Titles

The term ‘Scrub’ isn’t reserved for the 6th man, for the backup who comes in and wins the game. No, ‘Scrub’ is a term that refers to the player that has no business being on the team in the first place, the dude that would be more valuable as a jock strap washer than a backup QB. They exist on nearly every professional sports team int he world, players who were once highly touted only to be exposed as D-League jabronis in dire need of talent.

Finally these scrubs got the YouTube homage they deserve, and by finally I mean this video’s actually existed for several years but a buddy of mine just emailed it to me last weekend (shout out to James Coker for sending this my way!). The creator of this video, Ron Weiner, is currently a writer/producer on HBO’s Silicon Valley, and has previously been a writer/producer on 30 Rock, Arrested Development, and Futurama…Some of my all-time favorite shows.

So needless to say when my buddy sent me this video and told me who it was from I was stoked to check it out, even though I had no idea what it was about at the time. ‘Scrubs With Rings’ did not disappoint, and even though it’s several years old it’s as timely today as it ever was. Now go forth into the world and share ‘Scrubs With Rings’ with everyone you know.

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