BREAKING: Seahawks’ Running Back Fred Jackson Crashes Corvette While Drag Racing Marshawn Lynch



The Seattle Seahawks are struggling to find their NFC champion form this season, but they aren’t having any problems, allegedly, racing one another in their cars following practice.

According to a TMZ Sports report, running backs Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch were drag racing outside the Hawks’ training facility, with the race ending when Jackson ran into a planter box and then a stop sign, wrecking his Corvette.

Here are the pics, via TMZ:


TMZ Sports

The above pic is Jackson’s car following the incident, and another one from a different angle showing the Corvette against the stop sign:


TMZ Sports

Following the crash, cornerback Richard Sherman and a few other players came to the aid of Jackson, but, apparently, Lynch drove off, uninjured, seemingly avoiding talking to anyone about the incident.

More details to come, I’m sure, so stay tuned, bros.

[H/T TMZ Sports]