What Seahawks Wide Receiver Was Banging Russell Wilson’s Wife?

That would be the former Seahawks wide receiver in the above image.

Need a hint? He also once got stoned (or drunk, it’s unclear) and broke into a donut shop.

Golden Tate.

According to rumors swirling around the internet, which are always accurate, Russell Wilson’s wife was sleeping with Tate while she was married to the Seahawks’ franchise quarterback.

Oops. Could it be true? Well, Tate did just help Seattle win a Super Bowl, and now he’s on the Lions. And it also might explain why the team issued a statement regarding Wilson’s divorce. But it could just be speculation. Tate had this to say on Twitter

Btw the ignorant minority of people, bloggers and whoever else spreading ridiculous rumors should cut it out. It’s absurd the stories that … Are being made up from whatever source. In fact Elise and Ashton are still incredible friends , as well as Russ and I. … I strongly advise the ignorant folks blowing this situation up and spreading this rumors to shut the hell up. Go watch the nba playoffs

That’s my oops. Should have read that before I wrote this post.

The Wiz and Pacers tip off at 7 p.m. I’ll just chill until then.

[H/T TerezOwens.com; image via USA Today]