Sean McVay’s Shocked Face After His Rams Fumbled A Punt Might Be The Meme Of The NFL Season

Sean McVay Shocked Face Rams Memes


The fact that the Los Angeles Rams have now lost two games in a row in which they were favored shocked many an NFL fan after they lost 30-23 to the Eagles on Sunday.

Especially considering that those two losses included only scoring six points versus the Bears and then losing to the Eagles’ backup QB backup Nick Foles.

Throw in the fact that Jared Goff, who looked like the next coming of Dan Marino through the season’s first 11 games has now thrown for zero touchdowns and six interceptions in the two losses.

So, it’s very understandable that someone as close to the situation as Rams head coach Sean McVay would be a little bit shell-shocked.

And at no point during the last two losses was McVay more stunned than he was when his Rams fumbled (and lost) a punt while down by just a touchdown with three minutes left in the game.

McVay’s look of complete and utter shock is one of those moments that will probably be used as a sports meme for years to come… beginning on Sunday night with these…