Seattle Seahawks Hilariously Fool Players With A Perfectly Orchestrated Fake Schedule Release

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  • The NFL schedule release will be aired on Thursday night
  • Prior to the announcement, the Seahawks had fun with players by showing a fake schedule
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The NFL will release the entire 2022 schedule for all 32 teams on Thursday night.

They’ve slowly leaked important matchups to build some drama before the ultimate unveiling. Some of those interesting storylines will include a Super Bowl LV rematch between the Bucs and Chiefs, a return to Green Bay for Dallas coach Mike McCarthy, and a trip overseas for the first ever game in Germany.

That contest in Germany will include the Seahawks as they square off against Tom Brady and Tampa Bay.

While Seattle knew they’d be headed to Europe for that midseason matchup, there was little else known about the upcoming slate. On Thursday, just hours before the NFL schedule release, the team decided to have a little fun with the players.

Seattle Seahawks fool players with fake schedule release

In a seven-minute video, the Seahawks successfully fooled a number of players into believing they’d received the schedule from Hell.

Matchups included games on both Thanksgiving AND Christmas. There was also no bye week after the trip to Germany. Road contests piled up in back-to-back-to-back weeks.

Players were not happy.

They even ordered the coaching staff to reach out to Roger Goodell and the NFL front office, which Pete Carroll “did” in a phony prank phone call.

Finally, they let the team in on the joke, and the reaction was hilarious.

Seahawks players respond to the fake schedule

Well played, Seattle. Well played.