Sergio Garcia Hits Back At Fred Couples Over Comments About LIV Golf ‘Clowns’

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There was a time that Masters champion Sergio Garcia and fellow champ and Fred Couples got along well.

Sure, they may not have been friends, but there was a mutual admiration there.

I think it’s safe to say that admiration has gone out the door.

Sergio Garcia And Fred Couples Engage In War Of Words

Couples made waves recently when he laid into Garcia and other players who left the PGA Tour to compete on the Saudi-backed LIV Golf Series.

“I find that comical, because my favorite to ever play has five kids, 40 grandkids, and he has never missed anything – and that was Jack Nicklaus,” Couples said, adding that he was annoyed by “all these other clowns, like Sergio (Garcia),” who ripped a PGA Tour rules official before jumping to LIV Golf. – via The Orange County Register

Garcia, never one to hold his tongue, offered a response over the weekend.

““It’s what it is,” Garcia told Sports Illustrated on Friday at the LIV Golf event in Tucson. “It’s disappointing because I don’t know where he’s going with this. But it’s Freddy so he can say whatever he wants and then we can say whatever we want. I think at the end of the day his life is his life and my life in this case is my life. So, I don’t think he should comment on what me or any of these other guys should have done because we didn’t tell him what he had to do.” – via Sports Illustrated

On one hand, Garcia makes a point about being told what to do. But Couples didn’t really tell him what to do, he just criticized him for doing it.

It seems to be a common thing among LIV golf players. They want to be allowed to leave and to avoid any criticism for doing so. Unfortunately, they’re learning the hard way that’s not likely to happen.

At least they’ll have hundreds of millions of dollars to comfort them.