WWE Champ Seth Rollins Invited His Ex To A Show Just So She Could See How Awesome Life Is Without Her

Seth Rollins Laughing


Many wrestlers have said that the character they portray on TV isn’t much different than who they are in real life. The character is just “turned up a couple notches” for TV purposes. If that’s true of every wrestler, WWE Champion Seth Rollins might want to take some pointers from real life Seth Rollins (or Colby Lopez in this case) because he pulled off a king dick move a couple weeks ago on an ex-girlfriend.

Rollins was interviewed by his hometown paperThe Des Moines Register, and discussed his upbringing in Iowa and how he likes to return home once in a while to “stay grounded.” Staying grounded must also mean “screw with the heads of girls he’s dumped after making it big.”

Rollins mentioned that the ex was attending Smackdown on the night of the interview and why she was coming out.

“She’s coming to the show tonight, it’s a girl I dated like 7 or 8 years ago,” Rollins said. “She can’t grasp it… Like she only knows me as the dork that she played Guitar Hero with in the basement. She doesn’t understand the fascination with this guy that broke her heart, you know what I mean (laughs)? She doesn’t get that. It’s very interesting, but I need that. I need her to see me as that person so that I can see myself that way. So it’s just nice to have relationships that existed before I was this guy, and that is what kind of what keeps you grounded or humbled.”

So to paraphrase, Lopez needs to show a woman he dumped how much better off he is in life now, and he uses that experience to feed the Seth Rollins character.To quote Owen Wilson, “Wow.”  That’s some next level, Inside The Actors Studio, type shit.

“Thanks for coming. I’m doing great. J&J Security will now see you out.”

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