Shailene Woodley Implies Random Guy Mistaken For Aaron Rodgers Has A Small Manhood While Firing Back At Tabloid Report

Shailene Woodley

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Some poor random guy in LA was enjoying his coffee this morning, and now he’s being put on blast by one of the most famous actresses in the United States.

On Tuesday morning, the Daily Mail released a picture that alleged Aaron Rodgers was breaking quarantine while hanging out in Los Angeles.

The Daily Mail’s report was quickly debunked, considering the guy in the picture looks nothing like Aaron Rodgers.

While shooting down the report on her 4 million follower Instagram account, Shailene Woodley implied that the random guy in the picture had a small penis because Rodgers clearly has “bigger” feet. She also went on to mock the car the guy in the picture was driving.

Fans had hilarious reactions to Shailene Woodley straight up roasting the random guy in Daily Mail’s story.

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