Former UFC Champ Shane Carwin Knocked A Guy THE HELL OUT With One Hand Literally Tied To His Side

Back in the day, former UFC heavyweight champion Shane Carwin was a “Beast Incarnate” in his own right.

The stories about him a pretty legendary. His hands supposedly make Brock Lesnar’s giant mitts look small and he used them to start his MMA career 12-0 with all 12 fights ending in the first round.

So stepping into the ring with him seems like a really bad idea for pretty much anyone. Even if he does have his right hand duct taped to his side.

Which is exactly what radio personality Jason Ellis did at Ellismania 13, whatever the hell that is.

Needless to say, it didn’t end well for Ellis.

After somehow making it through to round two, Ellis was floored by Carwin once before getting his lights turned out for good with another vicious blast by Carwin and his giant hands.

Carwin had previously stated that at age 41 he is planning a return to MMA after not fighting since 2011, but this wasn’t exactly what we had in mind when we heard that news back in August.

Here’s another angle…

H/T Middle Easy, Uproxx

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