Shaq Reveals His All-Time Great Starting 5, Which Includes Himself Of Course

shaq nba best starting five all time

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A topic that seems to come during every single NBA offseason is all-time great starting fives. While most lineups that people throw out there are a mix of the same 15-20 players, you do get the odd group of guys from some. Michael Jordan and LeBron James are usually locks to be on anyone’s starting five, but the other three players are a bit of a toss-up.

Shaq elected to share his all-time great starting five on Instagram with the caption “I don’t care what none of y’all saying. Ain’t nobody beatin this team in a seven game series.”

Shaq elected to go with Allen Iverson at point guard, Kobe Bryant at shooting guard, MJ at the three, LeBron at the four, and had himself as the big man.

Shaq certainly isn’t wrong by saying no team could beat this team in a seven-game series. It would honestly be tough to imagine any other five players even taking a game from this bunch.

The only two players you could argue against here are AI and Shaq himself, but you can’t go wrong with those two either. The two obvious choices to swap Iverson out for would be Steph Curry or Magic Johnson. As for at center, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Wilt Chamerblain could slide into that spot, but you can’t go wrong with Shaq as long as a game doesn’t turn into a free-throw shooting contest.

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