Shaq Made A Surprise DJ Appearance At Tomorrowland And Also Is Potentially The Worst DJ Ever

I’m a big Shaq fan. Mostly because I just think he’s an absolutely absurd individual. He’s probably the closest thing we’ll ever get to a cartoon character. He’s our Roger Rabbit. So I’m not totally shocked that Shaq jumped onstage last night at Tomorrowland in Belgium. The catch? I feel like he’s pretty awful.

In Shaq’s defense, the last time I went to an EDM concert was in college and I could have not been less sober if someone hooked me up to a syringe of grain alcohol. But I don’t remember the DJ hitting the crowd with an ‘uh-uhuhuhuh-oh’. Like ever. I’m actually pretty sure the DJ’s used to never talk. I think having laryngitis is a prerequisite for being an EDM DJ. However, nothing is more Shaq than fist-pumping to wordless music while rocking a Deadpool shirt. Really, I’m just hoping this leads to Barkley joining him next year. Seeing those two spin some tracks while also hating each other is something I’m very interested in.


[h/t Busted Coverage]