Shaq’s EDM Song ‘My Squads LIT’ Is A BANGER That Will Set TomorrowWorld Off

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Shaquille O’Neal wasn’t only one of the best big men to ever suit up in the NBA, but dude showed that he could make some serious music, too, throwing down some mean rap game when handed a mic—trust me, that’s not something ALL NBA players can do, right Kobe?

The Diesel is set to DJ at TomorrowWorld this weekend and you better believe he’s about to blow the fucking roof off that shit.

Shaq released his first EDM song called “My Squads LIT,” which has tons of gnarly synths with the big fella’s voice on top of it.

If you’re going to TomorrowWorld, here’s what Shaq’s set may sound like, too—you know, if you want a little appetizer before dancing your ass off.

[H/T Ministry of Sound]