Shaq Had To Help Yao Ming Put On His Hall Of Fame Jacket Since No One Else Was Tall Enough

Even though the NBA Hall of Fame induction ceremony isn’t until tomorrow, the inductees attended a press conference in preparation for the big night. You know, politics. Actually, all but one of the inductees, because apparently Allen Iverson missed his flight and had to catch a later one.

Regardless, at the press conference, Yao Ming attempted to have the red jacket adorned on him like everyone else. But it wasn’t happening because, you know, he’s seven and half feet tall. To help out, Shaq stepped in and put the jacket on for him.

Such a standup guy. Sure, it was a phenomenal photo opportunity and Shaq’s never been one to shy away from the camera, but it’s also nice to see a retired player helping a former opponent out. What the game’s all about.

Also, if you were wondering how big that jacket is in comparison to a regular dude.

[h/t SB Nation]