Texas A&M Bro Fishing In Padre Island Reeled In The Biggest Hammerhead Shark You’ll Ever See

Angler Eric Ozolins took to Facebook with photos of the largest hammerhead shark most people will ever see, in person or in photograph. When it was all said and done this Texas A&M bro was able to snap some photos off the beach with a shark specimen so large it puts the fear of god in swimmer’s hearts.

While fishing from the beach it took him 75 minutes to reel in this absolute giant, but once he got this shark to the beach it was obvious that he’d just caught that ‘once in a lifetime’ fish. The hammerhead shark was released (he said there will be a release video going up on Facebook soon), but before releasing this massive shark he took measurements: 13-feet-long with an 80-inch girth.

Facebook has since removed Eric Ozolin’s Facebook post due to fake terms/policy violation reports sent in by a bunch of tools that aren’t comfortable seeing a shark on the sand, you can see his rant about that here.

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Tip of the hat to Chron.com for sharing this news!