Story About Shaun White’s Perfect 100 Score In 2018 Olympic Qualifiers Is Incredible

Story About Shaun White's Perfect 100 Score In 2018 Olympic Qualifiers Is Incredible

Getty Image / Matthew Stockman

  • Shaun White is the greatest men’s halfpipe snowboarder in history and the Beijing Winter Olympics will be his last Olympic Games
  • This is Shaun White’s fifth Winter Olympics and he almost missed qualifying in 2018 until he threw down a perfect 100 score that ranks amongst the greatest ever
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Shaun White aka The Flying Tomato will drop into the Finals of the Men’s Snowboarding Halfpipe at the Winter Olympics for his last time on Thursday. This is Shaun White’s fifth Winter Olympics and he’s the only snowboarder in history to win three Olympic gold medals, also the first to ever score a perfect 100 in the X Games. The dude is an absolute legend in the world of extreme sports but you already know that because everyone knows Shaun White is the snowboarding G.O.A.T.

As we look ahead to Shaun White’s final Winter Olympics run down the halfpipe I stumbled across this story on Twitter from Religion of Sports. It’s about the time Shaun White scored a perfect 100 on his third (of 3) qualifying runs and he needed a huge score or he’d miss the Winter Olympics that year.

I don’t want to give away too much here. I’ve also included the full video of Shaun White’s perfect 100-score below these tweets so you can watch his epic run. This took place at the 2018 Winter Olympics qualifiers in Snowmass. The video is below the tweets. Try to stop yourself from running through a wall after this, you won’t be able to.

The Shaun White Perfect 100 Story and Video Of His Best Run Ever

I’m ready to run through a wall. One of the greatest nights of my life was ripping shots of tequila with Shaun White at the after-party for Friends With Benefits and he told me a story about coming back from his first Olympic games and the entire terminal at JFK breaking out into a spontaneous slow clap and he had no idea how popular he was back in the USA until then.

Here’s that perfect 100 run at Snowmass 2018

It took me a minute to connect the dots because 2018 feels like a lifetime ago but I remember turning on the TV at nearly the exact time Shaun White dropped in for that run and scored a perfect 100. I’m ready to go run through walls today just as much as I was back then. Probably more so today now that I know the backstory about how he went out there and winged it.