Get Back To Your Childhood Roots And Shred Fat With The Jump Rope

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Nothing irks me more than when perfectly good gym equipment sits and collects dust. People often ditch tried and true methods and equipment in favor of shiny new toys and other less than effective modes of exercise.

One such piece of equipment is the jump rope. You know, that thing you used when you were like five during recess? Yeah, that.

The fact of the matter is that the jump rope is not just for kids. It has actually been used as an effective conditioning tool for a long time. Jumping rope has been a staple of boxer’s conditioning programs for many years. Unfortunately, the rest of the athletic world and general population has not quite caught up.

Jump Rope Benefits

Like I said, jumping rope is not just a way for kids to entertain themselves; it has legitimate uses for fat loss, as well as strength and conditioning.

The jump rope can help develop coordination, agility, quickness, power, and endurance, all at once. There are few other movements that can train all of these skills together. Moreover, the jump rope allows you to train these skills while greatly limiting your chance of injury.

The jump rope is a low-impact exercise, meaning it does not place a great deal of stress on your joints and ligaments. It also has a short learning curve so it is doesn’t take too long to become proficient at it.

In addition to its benefits for increased athleticism, the jump rope is also a great tool for increasing fat loss. Because of the nature of the exercise, jumping rope can be performed for extended periods of time. Combine that with the high number of reps and fast pace and you have a recipe for major calorie burning!

Selecting A Rope

The most important part of jumping rope is selecting one that is the right length. If the rope is too long or too short you will not be able to perform the exercise. If you are 6 foot or under, a rope that is 8-9 feet in length will general work. If you are taller than 6 foot you may need a rope closer to 10 feet in length.

If you are buying your own rope, get a plastic speed rope. These are good for general use and will allow you to maintain a good pace compared to the heavier ropes. These ropes are also easier to adjust as well. You can cut it to your desired length. Just don’t cut it too short or your rope will be useless. Start by cutting off one inch at a time until you find a good length.

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