Sidney Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon Surprising A Young Kid With Cancer Is Broist Move Of The Week

by 4 years ago

Two of the biggest names in hockey got together again to show that they’re developing quite the brotourage—in a really dope way.


Both hailing from Nova Scotia, NHL stars Sidney Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon have been spotted together a lot this offseason, putting in work at the same trainer, serving up coffee to folks and, maybe the best of all, surprising a seven-year-old boy who’s battling Leukemia.

After news of a kid named Bryan Carroll was brought to the players’ attention, they just couldn’t help but visit his family’s Dartmouth, Nova Scotia home—unannounced, of course.

Sadly, Bryan’s prognosis isn’t too good, and he spends lots of time in his family’s backyard, which, with the help of the community got quite the renovation thanks to a Go Fund Me page. Via Global News:

“[Bryan] can’t leave home often so he spends a lot of time with his family in his yard. His father mentioned off-hand recently that the backyard needed some repairs, and that’s what put the wheels in motion.

Friends started a Go Fund Me page to raise money for a backyard makeover. Four days later, dozens of volunteers had joined in the effort with materials provided by local businesses.”

As if the new backyard wasn’t enough reason for Bryan and his family to smile, when the two NHL All-Stars walked behind the house, it had to be pure, happy chaos.

Staying around to build Legos and chase kids around, Crosby and MacKinnon showed that they just continue to make people’s days when they’re not playing hockey.

Whether on the ice or not, the two hockey stars are racking up serious points.


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