5 Signs That Your Testosterone Level Is Low – And What To Do About It



Superman has kryptonite; middle-aged men have declining testosterone levels. It is unfortunately a fact of life that some choose to deal with and accept not living up to their full potential. But those are the ones not taking advantage of that thing Ponce de Leon was in search of.

Here a few tips for you to begin being cognizant of once you are over 35 years of age. That’s when things start going south (no pun intended), although it may be a subtle and slow declining process that you just adapt to. But that’s nonsense and if your doctor tells you your blood pressure is too high, he or she will advise you to change certain habits and more than likely prescribe medication to correct it. The same should go for your testosterone level and there are options to choose from, such as injections, gels and patches.

Yes, this all-important hormone has been demonized by the media and raked over the coals because of the professional athletes breaking the rules of their respective sports leagues. But the risks of living with low testosterone are greater than the ones when using it under a physician’s care.

The magic number to be diagnosed with low testosterone in a blood analysis is anything below 300 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL). But where you want it to be is in the 750-to-1000 range, so don’t settle for just getting back to the low end of what is considered ‘normal.’


Hitting the snooze button more than before and it takes two extra large cups of coffee to get you going now? If that’s the case, then it’s a given that your training sessions are suffering, as well. When you do not feel as energetic as you once did, then both the basic daily functions and exercise sessions become chores. Soon enough, you may begin skipping days at the gym until scrapping it altogether. If you are getting enough sleep (a minimum of six or more hours a night) and still feeling fatigued, then this is one of the first signs of low T.


In our teens and twenties, us guys will be horny again before cleaning up from the just-completed sex session. Remember when you could go for two or three a night? Wonderful days, they were and how great would it be to have the opportunity to do that again? But lately, your biggest problem is not that you can’t go for more than one, but not being in the mood to even start in the first place. Have some masculine pride and correct this obvious malfunction in your body.


Perhaps you are not as bad as the previous entry and still want to have sex. All of the old tricks just do not seem to work anymore, though. It’s like playing pool with a rope. But that, too, is another glaring sign that your testosterone is not where it should be. Another sign is not waking up with a raging hard on. If your levels are good then your penis should be up before you.


Let’s say that your levels are just starting to decline and you are in the mood and can get it up. But it takes only one tissue when you used to need half a box to tidy up. Your test level will determine the volume of your sperm; the higher it is, the more you will release. So if you have been noticing this, keep your eye on it and see if it keeps on decreasing.


This is kind of like a few related tips in one. If you had been status quo with your diet and training program that gave you good results all along but have noticed that your physique is now changing for the worse, then it could be a testosterone issue. When your levels are low, muscle and bone mass decreases and body fat increases.

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