Popular Brazilian Singer Guarantees Bengals’ Super Bowl Win Because She’s Sleeping With One Of The Players

Singer Anitta Sleeping With Bengals Player, Guarantees Super Bowl Win

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  • Popular Brazilian singer Anitta says she guarantees the Bengals will win the Super Bowl.
  • Why? Because she says she is sleeping with one of their players.
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If you are looking for an edge when betting on who is going to win Super Bowl LVI, the Bengals or the Rams, and you’re willing to think outside the box, have we got a hot tip for you!

According to popular Brazilian singer and songwriter Anitta, the Cincinnati Bengals are a lock.

Why would a 28-year-old Latin Grammy Award nominated Brazilian singer have this kind of knowledge? Good question.

For the answer, we go to Anitta herself, explaining her completely logical rationale on a recent episode of The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.

Just prior to her interview with Fallon, he did his annual “Puppies Predict the Super Bowl Winner” segment and they picked the Bengals to win.

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Anitta noticed this and explained to Fallon, “I love the puppies here because this… the puppies are really smart.

“The Cincinnati one, the Bengals? He’s the right one.

“And I want to bring it home.”

A perplexed Jimmy Fallon then asked Anitta, “What? You want to take that little…”

“The Bengals are going to win for sure,” she jumped back in. “I know for a fact. You can bet all your money there. All your money, you can bet on the Cincinnati Bengals.”

Fallon, still a little bewildered, pressed on, telling her, “You’re in my head right now.”

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How can Brazilian singer Anitta guarantee a Bengals Super Bowl win?

“Do you know how I know I’m going to win, they’re going to win? I win together,” she finally revealed to Fallon.

“Because one of my men is playing there. One of my men is.”

“What do you mean?” Fallon asked.

“Because I have in each different city… I’m traveling a lot,” she added, breaking Jimmy up.

“It’s a lot of countries!” she said defending herself. “I was, yesterday I was in Brazil. Day bore I was in L.A. I’ve got to have options.

“So one of my men…”

“How do you end up in Cincinnati?” Fallon then asked her.

“So, I was in a strip club in Miami and I saw this guy who was super hot and I said, ‘Yo, if you don’t find anyone to have sex tonight hotter than I am, you just call me,” she told Jimmy, who proceeded to fan himself like he was having hot flashes.

“So after that I ended up going to Cincinnati and I know they’re going to win because I’m going to make sure he has a great night before. I’m going to make sure. … He’s going to have a great night and he’s going to win the next day.”

Book it.

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