Sister Jean Said God Loves College Basketball More Than The NBA Because Players Don’t Get Paid And Now The Internet Has Had Enough Of Sister Jean

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With all the positive media attention she’s gotten in the past two weeks it was only a matter of time until Sister Jean received a bit of backlash from the Internet.

Earlier today, the nun who has been Loyola-Chicago’s unofficial mascot throughout their unprecedented NCAA tournament run held a press conference and delivered a pretty spicy take on why God loves college basketball more than the NBA.

One of those reporters asked if she, a 98-year old nun, thought that God was a basketball fan. And her response, much like Loyola’s Cinderella run, was priceless.

“He probably is,” the Loyola team chaplain said. “More NCAA than NBA.”

Sister Jean elaborated on why, saying that college players are playing ““these young players play with their heart and not for financial gain.”

After the press conference this picture comparison of Sister Jean’s media presence vs that of of Loyola player Marques Townes went viral.

Of course the Internet backlash of Sister Jean has begun because it was inevitable.

I don’t believe Sister Jean was being malicious with her “God loves college basketball” quote or when she took the spotlight away from that Loyola kid but man it’s not a good look. Hopefully she talks to the media again before the game so it’s not a huge cloud hovering over Loyola tomorrow.