This Story About A Sixers Player Being Turned Down From A Philly Bar Is Proof That No One Respects Them

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Philadelphia 76ers V Utah Jazz

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For the third-straight year, the Philadelphia 76ers are about to lose more than 60 games in a season—in fact, they’ve already lost more than 70—making every basketball fan in the City of Brotherly Love throw nothing but shade towards the team.

And just how bad are the Sixers? Listen to this story from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about Sixers guard T.J. McConnell to fully understand how much their fans disrespect them.

McConnell, who had just finished playing in an NBA game, hit the town with his dad, some family members and a couple buddies by heading to a bar within walking distance of the team’s arena—and that’s when some serious shade got thrown his way.

Per the Post-Gazette:

T.J. was first to the door when a worker announced there was a $10 cover charge, but free admittance with a 76ers ticket stub.

“He played,” said Tim McConnell, pointing at his son.

The worker still wanted $10.

“No, you don’t understand. He played in the game,” Tim McConnell tried to reason.

No matter. It was $10.

That’s a serious burn, guys. In fact, it’s one that would actually make me doubt ever playing basketball for the 76ers ever again. Yep, you read that right, I would turn down hundreds of thousands of dollars to go sell insurance or some shit than to play for a crappy team with no direction that has to pay $10 cover charges at bars that run a 76ers promotional deal.

Life as a Philadelphia 76er is unkind.

[H/T FTW.USAToday]

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