Skier Says ‘It’s A Straight-Up Miracle I’m Alive’ After Accidentally Skiing Off A Goddamn Cliff (Video)

Skier Devin Stratton from Utah said ‘it’s a straight-up miracle I’m alive’ when speaking with news outlets today after a video went viral showing him flying off a cliff. He’s just humming along, following his lines, and BOOM, the ground disappears and he finds himself flying through the air. Miraculously, he walked away with barely a bruise from what could’ve been a fatal accident.

A quick perusal of Devin Stratton’s Instagram shows that he’s no slouch on the ski slopes, and spends what appears to be every waking hour of Winter chasing the fresh powder:

However, nothing found anywhere in his social media feed is as terrifying as the video he uploaded yesterday in which he goes flying off a gosh darn cliff.

It’s a miracle that the snow didn’t turn brown upon impact from him evacuating his bowels. That would’ve been a perfectly acceptable response in reaction to finding yourself flying through mid-air when moments before you were skiing down a mountain.

Speaking with GrindTV, Devin wouldn’t say specifically where this incident took place, only that it happened somewhere near Provo Canyon in the Wabash backcountry of Utah. He also told GrindTV that he’ll be back out in that exact spot the moment that current avalanche conditions disappear because his resolve to cripple himself in a skiing accident hasn’t waned at all….Actually, he only said that first part, I added the latter section about his resolve to lose his ability to walk.

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