The INSANE Contract That Fox Is Reportedly Giving Skip Bayless Will Make You Question The Free Market

Skip Bayless twitter hot takes

So by now you’ve heard the news that Skip Baseless Bayless is leaving ESPN after his contract expires in August after a 12-year tenure with the Worldwide Leader in Sports. His consistent outlandish takes over the years have been so unforgivingly off base, I kind of grew to respect him.

Like this one.

skip bayless

The reactions to Skip’s departure from ESPN were widely met with rejoice and dancing in the streets from the Twittersphere. But please don’t feel bad for Skip after a report from Sports Illustrated reporter Richard Deitsch indicates that Fox Sports 1 will pay him like an athlete.

So for those scoring at home, that’s 26 million dollars over four years, and the dude probably won’t even need to suffer through one concussion or ACL tear.

As Uproxx points out, Bayless will reportedly be paid more per year than all but 49 NHL players, 112 NBA players, 197 NFL players, 198 MLB players.

God dammit, America. You’ve done it again.

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[h/t Uproxx]