Skip Bayless Reveals He Has No Idea Who Paul Ryan Is, Shannon Sharpe Is Baffled

It’s common knowledge at this point that Skip Bayless has spent most of 4-year/$5.5 million contract from Fox Sports on a space ship to commute back to whatever the fuck planet he’s from. Either he’s the world’s best actor, or these consistently baseless takes are evidence of the extraterrestrial:

In the latest Skip Bayless head-scratching moment, he put on display not only his unfamiliarity with the sports he’s paid millions to analyze, but his ignorance to the most fundamental political talking points of our time.

Shannon Sharpe made a casual political reference to Paul Ryan jumping ship on Donald Trump and Baseless looked at him like he had nine heads. It doesn’t take a political guru to know that Paul Ryan is the Speaker of the House and a former Republican VP candidate. Or, at the very least, one can deduce that Paul Ryan is a political guy who abandoned Trump. Fuck Skip. And we’re giving shit to Kaepernick for being un-American for kneeling for the National Anthem. Go home and read a book you goddamn commie.

[h/t The Big Lead]

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