Skip Bayless Has One Last Twitter Rant About Why Michael Jordan > LeBron James Before Leaving ESPN

Like any sports fan, I have a hard time taking anything Skip Bayless says seriously. His hate against LeBron right after the dude won a championship for his hometown is nauseating. This style of trolling punditry is what’s putting public discourse in this country in the shitter. The fact he’s getting paid $5 million+ a year AND once tweeted that Johnny Football is bigger for Cleveland than Lebron makes me want to stick my head in an oven

Even his own ESPN co-workers don’t seem to like him.

Tomorrow Bayless has his last show on ESPN before heading to a greener (as in $$$$) pasture at Fox. As he prepares to leave Bristol, Bayless lit up Twitter with a rant about how MJ is still better than LeBron from a basketball legacy perspective.

I don’t think anyone would argue against those things. Skip makes some good points — I don’t think anyone who remembers watching Jordan dominate the world in the ’90s would ever adamantly preach that Lebron is better. But what makes Skip the douchenozzle here is how he’s forcing a debate down our throats that no one is really asking for. Most sane human beings are perfectly fine with realizing that Jordan is Jordan and Lebron is Lebron. Both do things in their own unique way, both have their own unique resumes. There’s no need to take away from Lebron’s accomplishments just to prop up Jordan’s well-cemented legacy.

Skip is the asshole you take to your favorite pizza place and, instead of enjoying the damn pizza, he just keeps talking about how much better his favorite pizza place is. That’s the definition of narcissistic douchebag behavior.

I think this is a good time to remember Scott Van Pelt’s words late last night.

See you on Fox, Skip.

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