Golf Fans React To Insane ‘Skyline Seats’ Suspended Over The Golf Course Being Offered At The RBC Canadian Open

Golf Fans React To The Suspended Seats Offered At RBC Canadian Open

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  • The RBC Canadian Open is offering a very unique viewing experience.
  • Some fans can watch the golf from a bar suspended over 100-feet in the air overlooking the course.
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The RBC Canadian Open is elevating fans at next week’s event, quite literally.

A total of 22 lucky, and brave, fans will be harnessed into their bar seats. Why would they need to be harnessed into their bar seats, you may ask? Because the bar they’re sitting at is going to be suspended over 100-feet into the air.

Fans that get the chance to try out the suspended bar seating will get some pretty incredible views of St. George’s Golf and Country Club. Plus, food and beverages are included, and an alcoholic beverage (or four) may be required for some fans to actually try out the experience.

Personally, as someone who hates, this would be a hard pass for me. I do get the appeal, however, and definitely applaud the tournament for coming up with an entirely unique viewing experience for fans.

Golf fans shared some great, and hilarious reactions to the suspended bar seating. A lot of fans were concerned with the lack of bathroom facilities: