A Conor McGregor Lookalike Has Opened A McGregor Themed Restaurant And The Fighter Shouted Him Out

Conor McGregor themed restaurant

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You’ve probably been to a themed restaurant before. It was probably your choice to visit a sports-themed restaurant, but you’ve probably been dragged to some other sort of themed spot by your parents or significant other at some point or another.

Some themed restaurants, sports bars, are pretty great. You’re usually caught in the middle of likeminded people sharing a laugh and creating memories. Restaurants themed around one single person though are far rarer and now there’s one centered around the notorious Conor McGregor.

‘The Notorious’ has opened up in Cierna nad Tisou, Slovakia by a man named Mikuas Gerenyi and yes, of course, the restaurant serves McGregor’s Proper Twelve whiskey.

There are murals of McGregor all over the walls and Irish flags hanging around the outside of the eatery. That’s not too over the top, but Gerenyi takes things further by dressing up like McGregor, grooming himself like McGregor and even walking like McGregor according to Business Insider.

“Many people say that he and I look alike and so many people think that the graffiti painting is [of] me!”

“[The resturant] is every day becoming more and more popular. So many people come and taste the Proper Twelve whiskey and everybody loves it,” he said.

“My dream is meet him in my restaurant and become a distributor for his whiskey in eastern Europe, in Slovakia my home country, Hungary and the Czech Republic,” he said.

I guess if you are a superfan of McGregor and actually somewhat resemble the man, opening up a restaurant themed around his persona isn’t the worst business idea ever. Dressing up and grooming yourself like the guy may be a step too far but to each his own.

McGregor himself even took notice of the new restaurant and shouted it out on Twitter.

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