Snoop Dogg Just Threw Out Arguably The Second Worst First Pitches Of All Time, After 50 Cent Of Course

I’ll get this out of the way…nothing will ever be worse than 50 Cent’s first pitch. That thing was a crime against humanity. If I had the option of freeing all those little Chinese kids who make our clothes for free or expunging 50’s throw from history, 110% going after 50. I’d rather put him in a bodybag instead of having that athletic sin existing in the Records of Human History.

However, the pitch that Snoop threw out this afternoon at the Padres’ game is pretty bad. This is compacted by the fact that Snoop also stood in front of the mound instead of on the mound. The only time you’re allowed to throw from in front of the mound is if you’re in a wheelchair and it rolls to the bottom of the mound. Then you have to. Play it where you lie. Snoop, he didn’t roll anywhere. The dude put himself there. No bueno.  I’ll give him a slight pass because I’m assuming he was really high, but even that, wait until after, Snoop. It was a 1 PM game. You can still wake and back. Just take a 30 minute break after lunch and throw a single baseball. Otherwise, this happens.