Check Out The Crazy Moment A Snowboarder Gets Caught In An Avalanche And Ripped Down The Mountain


Nicolas Cool / Unsplash

Avalanches happen in an instant. The mountain gives away and all hell breaks loose before anyone knows what’s happening.

Rarely is there first-person footage of a skier or snowboarder caught in an avalanche because these events are really rare but this was the perfect storm. You’ve got two bros in Austria shredding the mountain when out of nowhere the snow gives out and ripes the snowboarder down the mountain before the dude on the skis even realizes what has happened.

Felix Ehmann and Mario Grinschgl are the two seen in this video. They’re snowpark owners in Sankt Gertraud, Kärnten, Austria last weekend to film some tricks for YouTube and social media when this all went down. It’s Mario’s impact on the snow that triggers the avalanche while Felix is yards behind and left watching his friend get swept away.

How nuts is it that this dude didn’t get absolutely wrecked in those trees? Sure, the trees probably did a great job at stopping the avalanche from going full-steam down the mountain. But you can clearly see how powerful and swift the avalanche is at first.

I’m shocked he didn’t break any bones in the first few seconds as he disappears into that forest.

(h/t The Inertia)