This Guy Is The New Patron Saint Of Soccer Dads After Going Where Few Parents Dare To Tread

Soccer Dad Pushes Son Block Goal


Once upon a time I was the coach of my son’s coach-pitch baseball team. During one game as my son was running to first base with no intention of going to second, as he should have been doing, I tried to “help” him make the turn and point him in the right direction. That was a mistake. As I put my hands on my son and tried to “steer” him towards second base he tripped and fell and it looked like I pushed him to the ground, making me immediately want to bury my head in the dirt and hide from all the scornful looks I knew were being directed my way.

Now, I know I wasn’t trying to do anything bad, and I am sure that similar events have transpired with other parents at youth sporting events at baseball diamonds, soccer fields, basketball courts, etc. all over the world. Still, I felt like a complete heel.

The dad we are here to discuss today, however, he apparently doesn’t have any more f**ks to give because what he did to his son at a youth soccer game is something that thousands of soccer dads and moms have probably wanted to do, but didn’t have to stones to try and pull it off.

Reports Irish website JOE

In an under 8s game against Llanilar FC in Wales, the small goalie for Bow Street FC appeared to be distracted by his dad behind the goal.

Being one of the ruthless competitors you frequently see at under 8s, the Llanilar striker was only too keen to take advantage of the situation by carefully placing a shot on goal.

The Bow Street goalie was blissfully unaware of the danger facing his team while still distracted by his father’s presence, but the father was well aware of the danger facing his son.

He did the only thing he could do to try and salvage the situation, and in doing so, created a contender for the funniest video of the year.

Meet your new dad hero…

Have to love the fact that he was still pissed that the other team scored even after knocking his kid to ground to block the first shot.

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