Soccer Player Who Crashed Bentley While Drunk Celebrates Goal By Acting As If He’s Driving A Bentley Drunk


There have been some amazing sports celebrations over the years, but some of them don’t always make the most sense. Oh, I’m sure that they have some underlying inside joke to the player performing them or to his/her teammates, but us fans don’t know that shit.

One guy who didn’t bother disguising his celebration was soccer player David Limbersky, who used to captain Czech team Viktoria Plzen.

Key words there are USED TO.

That’s because, rather than track down a cab or call an Uber, Limbersky got behind the wheel of his very expensive Bentley last week while shitcanned, crashing it into a fence on his way home.

Stripped of his captaincy because of the incident, the guy did what most of us would avoid doing in the next game—celebrating a goal by acting as if he was drunk as fuck behind the wheel of a car.

Maybe the dude has taken too many headers to the noggin or something—or just pulling a three-day, drunken binge.

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