Soccer Player Orders And Drinks Beer In Middle Of Game After Scoring Four Goals

Finnish soccer player Joel Pohjanpalo

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There are plenty of differences between the life of a professional athlete and that of a typical person, but there is one thing that unites a lot of players and the Average Joe: the urge to cap off a long day on the job with a cold beer.

The jury is still out on whether or not consuming that particular type of adult beverage helps or hurts when it comes to recovering after exercising.

With that said, plenty of notable names are more than happy to throw back a brew (or two) after a game—including Luka Doncic, who got his very own beer courtesy of the Slovenian brewery that was inspired by a postgame interview he conducted after posting a triple-double.

It goes without saying that you usually want to wait until a game is officially over before treating yourself to a cold one. However, one soccer player recently opted to get his drink on a bit prematurely after more than earning the right to do so.

Finland native Joel Pohjanpalo has been a forward for a number of different clubs (including his home country’s national team) over the course of a pro career spanning more than a decade. That includes Venezia, the Italian Series B squad he’s been a member of since 2022.

Earlier this season, Pohjanpalo treated himself to beer from a concession stand at his team’s stadium after he was substituted after posting two assists in a match in February.

On Monday, he pulled a similar move after scoring four of the five goals Venezia posted in a 5-0 win over Modena, as he wasted no time ordering the beer he sipped on the sidelines while shirtless right after being subbed.

I can only dream that I’ll one day be a fraction as cool as Pohjanpalo has repeatedly proven he is.

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