Soccer Player’s Proposal Ruined By Security Guard Who Thought His Girlfriend Was A Random Fan

Soccer Player's Proposal Ruined After Security Guard Shoves Girlfriend


If you ever arrive at a point in a committed relationship where you feel confident enough to ask for your partner’s hand in marriage, the exact manner in which you decide to pop the question shouldn’t really be a huge deal; if someone turns you down because they didn’t feel like your proposal was elaborate enough, you probably saved yourself some trouble in the long run.

However, what may be true in theory doesn’t necessarily translate to practice. Sure, you might be able to get away with a fairly low-key approach, but it’s also not going to hurt to put some time and effort into things to make it clear you went out of your way to ensure what should be a fairly monumental moment was also a memorable one.

There are plenty of guys who’ve gone above and beyond to a point where they’ve made life harder for anyone else who has to follow in their footsteps thanks to the elaborate nature of the proposals they were able to pull off—like Ian Johnson, the former Boise State running back who capped off the legendary Fiesta Bowl where he scored the game-winning two-point conversion by proposing to his girlfriend on live television.

A soccer player in Belarus recently opted to take a similar approach, as Vladislav Shubovich of FC Smorgon headed to a game against Volna Pinsk over the weekend with an engagement ring in tow in the hopes of proposing to his girlfriend.

According to The Sun, he found himself with a golden opportunity after notching a penalty kick in the 85th minute to give his squad a 2-0 lead and all but assure they’d walk away with the win.

Shubovich attempted to take full advantage by trotting over the sideline and getting down on one knee, but things went off the rails after a somewhat overzealous security guard interrupted the proposal by shoving the prospective fiancée he presumably assumed was a fan.

Thankfully, reason and cooler heads ultimately prevailed, and the happy couple officially announced their engagement after the game.

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