A Professional Soccer Player Was Unbelievably Tossed From A Game For Ripping A Big Fart

soccer player ejected farting


Well, here’s a new one.

During a game of soccer over the weekend in a Swedish lower-league footballer Adam Lindin Ljungkvist was given a red card and ejected from the game. The reason why might be a pro sports first.

You see, Ljungkvist was thrown out of the game for, of all things, farting.

That’s right, farting.

Needless to say, Ljungkvist was a little surprised at his being ejected for tooting.

Reports Vice Sports

The 25-year-old said afterwards: “It was a strange red card, I can hardly believe it myself. I had a bit of a tummy upset and in the last minute of the game I let off a fart. The referee showed me a yellow card, then followed up with red. It was my second yellow and I had no memory of my first at all. I was pretty angry with the referee, and I could not quite believe what had happened.”

Ljungkvist went on: “I can only surmise that he thinks I did it up against an opponent, but to provoke someone with a fart would be pretty bizarre. I just did a perfectly innocent fart, and got sent off for it. The referee said that it was unsportsmanlike behavior.”

He then summed up his feelings about it in the only logical way one would in this situation, “I think it was a shitty call.”

Only in soccer.

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H/T Uproxx; Red card image by Shutterstock

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