Sophia Culpo Is Living Her Best Life After Breaking Up With Miami WR Braxton Berrios

Sophia Culpo ex girlfriend of Braxton Berrios

Getty Image / Slaven Vlasic

After rumors of a breakup were swirling for weeks, Sophia Culpo confirmed she had split with her boyfriend, former NY Jets and current Miami Dolphins wide receiver Braxton Berrios.

Sophia Culpo has been ‘fame adjacent’ for years thanks in part to her famous sister, Olivia Culpo (5.3M followers on Instagram). But her fame has skyrocketed in recent months due to co-starring in the reality show, The Culpo Sisters, on HBO Max.

Sophia Culpo has 230,000+ followers on Instagram and only 9,745 on TikTok. But she chose the latter platform to confirm her split with Braxton Berrios by uploading TikToks showing that she’s living her best life.

Her caption ‘the single sisters’ gave it away to her followers. She also added ‘single life’ and ‘so single’ in the hashtags:

Sophia later joked about nearly having a ‘mental breakdown’ in another single sisters TikTok lounging around in robes:

While these recent videos appeared to confirm the breakup with Braxton Berrios, the breakup is rumored to have occurred weeks ago.

Sophia Culpo has been living it up in recent days and living her best life, including a 12-hour trip to Las Vegas:

Whatever this outfit is:

It’s unclear exactly when Sophia Culpo and Braxton Berrios split. But she was vacationing in a bikini on a yacht within the past month…

In this ‘Get Ready With Me’ (GRWM) clip, Sophia Culpo openly referred to her ‘ex’ while talking:

She said, “In other exciting news, so, if you followed along on my family’s show, you know I used to live with Olivia and then I moved to the East Coast with my ex, and now I’m back in California. I have a new apartment that I’m moving into, I just have to go back to New Jersey and get all of my stuff, which I’ve been kind of avoiding just cause moving out of a long-term relationship where you guys live together, that’s really hard.”

Meanwhile, Braxton Berrios chose to take his mom to Hawaii after the breakup:

It’s not really difficult to see who’s winning the breakup so far, is it?

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