NFL Films Released The Mic’d Up Highlights From The AFC Championship And They’re Glorious

So we are without football for the first weekend for nearly five months. I have no idea how I’m going to structure my weekend now. Although we’ll have to wait until February 4th to catch the last football game of the year, you can chew on the best mic’d up sounds from the Jacksonville Jaguars against the New England Patriots AFC Championship matchup, courtesy of NFL Films.

The nearly 10-minute video embeds the viewer into various stages of the game, and how each team reacts to questionable calls and the trials and tribulations of trying to make it to the game’s biggest stage.

Below I’ve highlighted some marks which I found interesting:

0:25 — “It’s on today. It’s on today. You’d better believe it.”

2:18 — Jalen Ramsey tells Chris Hogan “you’re not strong enough, [#] 15”

3:08 — Jalen Ramsey talking to the ref about AJ Bouye’s controversial pass interference penalty against Brandin Cooks.

JR: “How. HOW. In football you can look and lean.”
Ref: “He’s facing him driving him out of bounds.”
JR: “His head was back. They showed it on the jumbotron.”
Ref: “He’s cutting him off. You can’t drive him out when the ball’s in the air.”
JR: “Yes you can.”

Doug Marrone: “That’s such a poor call in a championship game.”

4:38Beginning of second half, Blake Bortles: “Gotta do nothing special, man. Just keep doing what we’ve been doing the first half.”

6:00 — Brandin Cooks: “We never said it was going to be easy, we just said we were going to get it done.”
6:05 — Tom Brady: “Whatever it takes!”

7:16After Patriots scored the go ahead touchdown with 2:48 left in the 4th, Leonard Fournette: “Listen. We gotta believe right here, right now that we’re going to score. Don’t have no doubt. Blake, throw that shit. Catch that shit. Ya dig? This our game. ”

7:27 — After Patriots scored the go ahead touchdown with 2:48 left in the 4th, Devin McCourtey: “Four plays! Four plays and we’re in the Super Bowl! Four plays!”

9:30 — After the win, Danny Amendola to Tom Brady: Let’s get it. Let’s go get it.”



Brady to Amedola: “We’re gonna.”


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